Esoteric Andalltha, My tailor is rich (EN posts)


Linocut I made as a tribute to some of the most famous sticker art activists.

Starring Obey Giant, Bomit, BNE, Cost, Enx, Invader, D*Face, Faile, Skullphone, Love Me, Smart Crew, Robots Will Kill, Above, Reka, Utah & Ether, Visah, Anice, J’existe, Soup, MQ, Tower, 1UP, Flying Förtress, Just, C215, Orticanoodles, The London Police, Eine, Pez, John 146, Obit, RX, Skam, Sleep, Oppressive Thumb, Bride, Toasters, PQ, Lempke, Big Daddy Gun, Erosie, Space3, ZXQL, Earworm, Pop Corn, Bytedust, Gato, Wojo, Fatuo, Stelleconfuse, Eye, Supe, Koleo, Salcön, Gabri le Cabri, Flytox, Gkay, Oliv, Rdeo, Smile 365, Sfun, freaQ, VMD, FYA, ISCE, Football Crew and others.

Thanks for the inspiration.


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